Table of Contents: Oct. 20-26, 2011

(Vol. 21 #42)


Eat Here Now
Eat local: It seems like an easy thing that everyone can do without too much extra effort. You're supporting local farms. You're getting fresher produce. You can sleep soundly knowing you've helped the local economy and the environment. Right? As it turns out, eating local isn't that simple. Here in East Tennessee, local farmers don't grow enough produce to feed everyone. In fact, local farmers don't grow that much produce at all. So is the local food movement really about making the world a better place, or is it about making us feel better about ourselves? Cari Wade Gervin digs in.

Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the Week Ahead
Street Talk: Robert McGinnis, curator for James White Fort


Citybeat: Manor Achievement
Just a few years ago, there were a lot of people who wanted to tear down the old buildings at the corner of Broadway and Fifth Avenue. But through creative financing and some contentious public debate, they were rehabilitated into Minvilla Manor, with 57 units of housing for the disabled or homeless. Now, Jack Neely reports, that work on the 1913 townhouse complex has earned the National Trust/Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary's Award for Excellence in Historic Preservation. It's the first Knoxville project to win the honor.

Citybeat: Plan B Is Stillborn
The Knoxville Chamber's alternative plan for hillside and ridgetop protection was politely but thoroughly eviscerated at a County Commission meeting on Monday. Jesse Fox Mayshark says that may have brought compromise closer on the years-long effort.

Ear to the Ground
Mayoral candidate Mark Padgett finally tells us how many jobs he's created, Jim Dykes enters the Hall of Fame, and a cardinal arrives with sins in tow.

Secret History
Jack Neely makes the case for saving two buildings on Walnut Street.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes says downtown might not be as recession-proof as it likes to think.

Soluble Solutions by Pink Lady
Love Is a Battlefield


Music: On Tour
Fitz and the Tantrums

Eye on the Scene
Carl Story, Harry Potter rap, V-Roys, Boxer Rebellion

CD Reviews
Casiokids and the Jayhawks

Music: Classical
KSO does Wiprud


Amer and Akira Kurosawa's Dreams

The Thing