Table of Contents: Oct. 27-Nov. 2, 2011

(Vol. 21, #43)


Boo! The Halloween Special
For our annual visit to the macabre-webbed corners of our city, we've rounded up all kinds of spookiness.
Tales From the Knox Side: Local residents tell us true (or so they say) stories of ghost cats, weird lights, and things that really do go BUMP in the night.
10 REALLY Scary Things About Knoxville: You think the Body Farm is eerie? How about the perils stalking our highways, our creekbeds, the very air we breathe? Be afraid.
Modern Horror: Our own horror maven April Snellings gives a handy guide to the best recent scary movies you probably haven't seen—and maybe shouldn't, at least not alone.

Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the Week Ahead
Street Talk: Matt Harbaugh, president of the University of Tennessee's Ultimate Frisbee club


Citybeat: Tall Order
Gloria Johnson knows the numbers are against her in her campaign for the 6th District state Senate seat. The district is heavily Republican, and she's running against a member of a local political dynasty. But Johnson wants to do more than stage a respectable campaign. As Jesse Fox Mayshark reports, the head of the Knox County Democratic Party is aiming to bring new life, energy, and people into the local political equation.

Citybeat: Envision What?
A new group of local boosters is looking for input from young Knoxvillians to move the city forward. But what is Envision Knoxville really all about? As Cari Wade Gervin reports, it's not yet clear.

Ear to the Ground
The mayor's race gets ugly, a close look at Madeline Rogero's tax-hike votes, and an AC endorsement.

Secret History
Jack Neely wonders why Knoxville's official promoters seem so modest about our attractions.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle offers some early advice for our next mayor: Learn to say no.

A Living World by Eleanor Scott
Adventures in Parkridge

Olive in Wonderville by Olive J. Keith
Our Weird Is Real


Music: On Tour

Eye on the Scene
Tennessee Williams Weekend, Jonathan Sexton, WUTK

CD Reviews
My Brightest Diamond and the Darius Jones Trio

Music: Classical
KSO: Katrina, Copland, and Dvorak

Video Games

The Way

Knox on Wheels by Jason R. Sakurai
Rex Walls