Table of Contents: Nov. 3-9, 2011

(Vol. 21, #44)


Scene and Heard: High School Football
Knoxville's passion for football may bleed orange, but it all starts with a rainbow coalition of other colors: red and blue, maroon and gray, blue and white, even purple. High school football is a truly competitive sport that's taken just as seriously as the Vols by its fans here, with rivalries, traditions, and hopes that are equally enveloping. In our quarterly series visiting different parts of Knoxville, we recorded four different evenings of high school football mania.

Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the Week Ahead
Street Talk: Lara Duren, Metro Pulse Gamut artist


Citybeat: Recycling Update
In September, the city of Knoxville launched its free curbside recycling program with great fanfare. Rose Kennedy looks into how it's going so far.

Endorsements: 2011 Knoxville elections
As the Nov. 8 election draws near, we'd like to reacquaint you with our candidate endorsements. But rather than just reprint last September's write-up, we thought it might be helpful for voters to consider the resumes of both our mayoral candidates. Therefore, we've listed the career highlights of Mark Padgett and Madeline Rogero side by side. Just to put them in perspective for you.

Ear to the Ground
Mark, Mark, Mark: We analyze yet another misleading Padgett campaign flier, report on his unofficial Tea Party endorsement, and investigate that City Council "slush fund" he uncovered.

Secret History
Jack Neely remembers the amazing musician and former Knoxville character Phil Pollard.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle muses over the last-minute jostling of mayoral candidates Mark Padgett and Madeline Rogero.

Joe Sullivan recounts Innovation Valley's lack of progress, despite no lack of trying.

Soluble Solutions by Pink Lady
Sick of being sick

All Foods Considered by Rose Kennedy
Food memories of Phil


Music: Local Heroes
Hey OK Fantastic

Eye on the Scene
Sara Schwabe on Phil Pollard

CD Reviews
Deer Tick and the Dex Romweber Duo

Music: Classical
La Traviata

Putnam County Spelling Bee

A Serbian Film and The Island of Lost Souls

The Rum Diary