Table of Contents: March 3-9, 2011


The War on Teachers
With a flurry of bills, Tennessee's Republican legislators have set their sights on teacher unions. But there haven't been many labor disputes with teachers here, who make less than teachers in neighboring states without unions. So why are teachers and legislators suddenly so much at odds? The answer has to do with political shifts far from Knox County, and in some cases far from Tennessee—but they threaten long-standing relationships here. Jesse Fox Mayshark reports.

Police Blotter: When Outrage Leads to Snuff Assault
Count on It: Fulmer vs. Spurrier: a Top 100 Rivalry
Meet Your City: Meet Your New Homelessness Task Force
Knoxville Googled: knoxville + thrills = 763,000 results
Street Talk: Paul Hohe, Lead Organizer of Knoxville Restaurant Week, and Ruth's Chris Steak House General Manager


Citybeat: Marble City Brewing Company Stalled by Trademark Lawsuit
Knoxville's Marble City Brewing has experienced the usual struggles of a new business, but now it has to contend with a trademark lawsuit from competitor Marble Brewing, which has just entered the Tennessee market after filing suit.

Citybeat: Sex-Education Battles Calm Down Locally But Heat Up Statewide
Following a wave of anti-Planned Parenthood controversy, Knox Schools Superintendent Jim McIntyre came up with a even-handed solution to assume control of sex ed programs. Will it calm parents on either side of the issue?

Ear to the Ground
Earn Big Money With Your Populist Rage , Republicans May Take Another Run at Democratic Election Administrator Mackay , and Developer Drops Out of New Market Business Park .

Secret History
Jack Neely recalls Knoxville on the cusp of the Civil War.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle offers his plan for economic stimulus in Tennessee.

Sideways Glance
Rikki Hall suggests hillside developers give a little to get a little.

Midpoint by Stephanie Piper
Release the Hound

Guest Speaker
'United Tastes of America' Host Jeffrey Saad


Music: On Tour
Colin Hay

Music: Local Heroes
Fine Peduncle

Eye on the Scene
Apples in Stereo's local video, Lonesome Coyotes reunite, and Joy of Music School

Local CD Review
Silver Jubilee

CD Reviews
PJ Harvey, Rabbits

Music: Classical
KSO and Orli Shaham

Video Games
Marvel vs. Capcom 3

Merry Wives of Windsor

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