Table of Contents: June 30-July 6, 2011


Who The Heck Are We? What the Census Says About Knoxville
Every 10 years, Knoxville looks in the mirror, and tries to be brave. The U.S. census is generally regarded as an opportunity to prove how healthy we are as a city, and will be quoted for the next 10 years as entrepreneurs, journalists, retirees, and others around the country appraise Knoxville's strengths and weaknesses as a city worth investing in, visiting, moving to. So we're going to kick it off now, with Jack Neely's analysis of currently available data.

Police Blotter: Let Him Who is Without Sin Cast the First Truckload
Quote of the Week: "I'm really doing the thing the state asks us to do."
Weekly Plan-It: Knox Event Highlights for Thursday, June 30-Wednesday, July 6
Knox Found Online: Very Personal Movie Titles
Street Talk: Devon Hicks, Aspiring 'Saying Gay' Documentary Filmmaker


Citybeat: Knoxville's Food Deserts
APublix. Costco. Whole Foods. The news has been nothing but bright in recent months for local grocery shoppers. That is, unless you live in one of the 20 Knoxville neighborhoods that are federally designated food deserts. If you're counting, that's 59,887 people, out of the city's 178,874 residents. That's almost exactly a third of Knoxville's population. So what exactly is a food desert? Cari Wade Gervin fills us in.

Citybeat: Knoxville's SlutWalk Organizers Hit a Nerve
When Astrid Dees and Alex Pulsipher decided a few weeks ago to organize a SlutWalk in Knoxville this Friday, they didn't know how quickly word would spread, reports Jesse Fox Mayshark.

Ear to the Ground
We read the redistricting tea leaves, ask if signs point toward Knox getting a new senator, and and name a couple of election drop-outs.

Secret History
Jack Neely recounts the near-death experience of the antebellum Huffaker House.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle considers the prospects of candidates in the mayoral race, and still sees Madeline Rogero as front-runner..

Joe Sullivan investigates whether Knoxville really is the worst city for allergies.

Olive in Wonderville by Olive J. Kieth
New Meat In a Good Ol' Town

Soluble Solutions by Pink Lady
Handling Roommates With Bad Habits


You Must Remember This: Taylor Swift Has Built a Mega-Selling Career Out of Carefully Observed Moments

Music: Local Heroes
Dumb Lunch

Eye on the Scene
Taking Pride in PrideFest , Knoxville's Second Beer Festival Succeeds in a Surprising Downtown Venue

CD Reviews
Bon Iver: 'Bon Iver' , Shabazz Palaces: 'Black Up'

Classical Music
Knoxville's Dry Season for Classical Music

'The Housemaid' Rises Above Its Erotic Thriller Conventions

Ann Patchett's State of Wonder

Cars 2

Guest Speaker
Gay Activist and Comedian Del Shores