Table of Contents: May 31-June 6, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 22


226: Our 3rd Annual Awesome Issue of Mighty Lists
Everybody loves lists. They are fun and easy to read. Plus, even an art director can put one together. Therefore, here's a special tribute to Knoxville's founding 226 years ago with completely useless trivia gathered by Travis Gray!

What Knoxville Needs: A Breath of International Air
Quote of the Week: "The defendant did not attempt to hide any of his actions from the public.""
Knox Found Online: Vile Reputation Mitigated by Food Conference
The Weekly Plan-It: May 31-June 4
Street Talk: Bob Hess, owner of the online mushroom supply and showroom/demonstration farm Everything Mushrooms



Westwood Purchase
Last week, the charitable Aslan Foundation purchased one of Knoxville's most unusual historic houses. Westwood on Kingston Pike went for $570,000. Aslan is a fairly new foundation instrumental in purchasing wilderness properties to be included in the Legacy Parks project on the south side of the river. Jack Neely gives us a tour of one of Knoxville's most unique historic houses.

The city's old "Demolition by Neglect" ordinance finally has a mechanism by which it might make a difference: a $100,000 enforcement budget. Jack Neely reports.

Ear to the Ground
Where did all the cameras go on Sharp's Ridge when you need them? And does the school board have enough votes on Knox County Commission to override County Mayor Tim Burchett's veto power?

Secret History
Jack Neely puts Knox County property taxes into perspective.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle shows how hotel-motel tax returns are not the best way to figure the compensation of, say, a tourism chief

Joe Sullivan examines the prospective savings from permanent supportive housing for the homeless.

A Living World
Eleanor Scott is hot on the trail of a bike stenciler.


Music: Local Heroes
Mic Harrison and the High Score

Eye on the Scene
British folk-rock band Mumford and Sons plans a big show in Bristol.

Sound of My Voice

Video Games: Digital Hackery
Witcher 2

Guest Speaker
Novelist Bryan Charles