Table of Contents: May 3-May 9, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 18


The Best of Knoxville 2012
When we launched our readers poll in 1994, life in Knoxville was pretty self-contained. Things were easy to keep track of here. Now there are an overwhelming number of restaurants, businesses, services, events, and arts and entertainment venues clamoring for our attention. Which makes you and your fellow readers' opinions of what's "best" all the more important—here are the things that truly make life better in Knoxville circa 2012.

What Knoxville Needs: More Motivation to Fix Pets
Quote of the Week: "Lawmakers are ignoring Tennessee's true religious roots..."
Knox Found Online: Hey, There's Something To Do At Night!
The Weekly Plan-It: May 3-May 8
Street Talk: Bruce Bogartz, chef and owner of RouXbarb


Ear to the Ground
Scotty Mayfield gets his YouTube moment, Mayor Rogero's first budget goes over well, and Victor Ashe is still irritating his fellow board members.

Secret History
Jack Neely revisits Suttree in its different guises.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle wonders why Tennessee gun lobbyists don't just quit while they're ahead.

Joe Sullivan examines Knox County Schools Superintendent Jim McIntyre's proposed budget increase.

a Living World
Eleanor Scott visits a secret garden—behind a gas station.


Music: On Tour

Eye on the Scene
A Siren represents the U.S. in a world burlesque competition, and Whitechapel releases a new CD.

Classical Music
Knoxville Opera'sOtello

The Kid With a Bike

DVDs: Spoiler Alert
Corman's World