Table of Contents: May 24-May 30, 2012

Vol. 22, NO. 21


Lake Life
Let's just put aside the mountains for a moment and consider the fact that Knoxville is also a lake town. Okay, these may be man-made lakes, but their marinas, docks, and parks have created an unlikely subculture here in our land-locked city. We hit the water to find Knoxville¹s unexpected marine life: liveaboards, bass masters, and big events.

What Knoxville Needs: Standing Up to the State
Quote of the Week: "We knew about the one thing..."
Knox Found Online: Not As Kooky As the Rest of the State?
The Weekly Plan-It: May 24-May 29
Street Talk:Tom Cervone, new executive director for the Tennessee Theatre



Bad Sports
The sudden retirement of Lady Vols Sports Information Director Debby Jennings was announced last week in a terse, three-paragraph press release that shocked fans of the women's program—they feared that Jennings' retirement was not voluntary. A May 18 letter to University of Tennessee Chancellor Jimmy Cheek from Jennings' attorney, David Burkhalter, will likely confirm their worst fears, threatening possible legal action. Betty Bean reports.

Ear to the Ground
Knox County Election Commission brushes up against South Knoxville, former legislators turn lobbyist "consultants," and UT's new women's softball stadium is a hit.

Secret History
Jack Neely puzzles over Knoxville's lack of food fame.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle observes the irony of outsourced protesters in labor disputes.

Sideways Glance
Rikki Hall wonders if Gov. Haslam will ever rise above party politics and deliver us from the kooks.

Ask Doc Knox
The good doctor recalls some old-timey fisticuffs.


Music: On Tour
Jane's Addiction

Eye on the Scene
Plainclothes Tracy issues a final EP, and Erick Baker hits the road.

Classical Music
KSO's finale

Books: Pulp
Every Night the Trees Disappear

TV: Spoiler Alert
HBO's Girls

UT Honors Exhibition

Local Flavors
Gay Lyons reports on Central Flats and Taps