Table of Contents: May 17-May 23, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 20


Writing a Life Together
Young, talented, and attractive, Margaret Lazarus Dean and Christopher Hebert just might be the next hot literary couple. The married authors have both published their first novels to wide acclaim and are working on their follow-ups. Cari Wade Gervins takes a look at this literary household, and how the couple manages a family life while pursuing the world's most solitary job.

What Knoxville Needs: A Sporting Chance for Downtown
Quote of the Week: "A lot of the craziest things don't ever pass."
Knox Found Online: Investing in Underused Lots Could Mean Growth
The Weekly Plan-It: May 17-May 22
Street Talk: Siren Santina, creative director and co-founder of Salomé Cabaret Burlesque Revue



Institutional Tech Upgrade
If School Superintendent Jim McIntyre has his way, what started as a pilot iPad program at Pond Gap Elementary School this year will be extended to every student in all 87 of Knox County's public schools by 2015. That means procuring some 56,000 iPads or similar devices—making it the biggest endeavor of its kind in the country. Will Knox County residents foot the bill? Joe Sullivan looks at the potential payoffs.

New Studies Reveal Rising Number of Homeless Families
Last Wednesday on Market Square, the Knoxville-Knox County Homeless Coalition and the University of Tennessee jointly released two studies with powerful—and dismaying—statistics about the local homeless population.

Ear to the Ground
ABC's Robin Roberts plans a trip to Knoxville, Knox County schools don't suck enough for federal dollars, and the Chamber lobbies for a tax increase.

Secret History
Jack Neely has gotten a little tired of taking a walk on the historical side.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle sees a fairly regular turnover rate for Tennessee Congressmen.

Joe Sullivan explains Mayor Rogero's hybrid pension plan.

A Living World
Eleanor Scott considers the clothesline.


Music: Local Heroes
The Black Cadillacs

Music: On Tour
St. Vincent

Eye on the Scene
The Knoxville 24 Hour Film Festival goes international, and Preservation Pub expands up and outward.

Splash Panel
Corto Maltese

Dark Shadows

Thrift Store Finds
Neil Young's Time Fades Away

Knox On Wheels
Downsized Hot Rods