Table of Contents: May 10-May 16, 2012

Vol. 22, No 19


Local Color: Vestal
In the second installment of our series on Knoxville neighborhoods, photographer Shawn Poynter walks the streets of Vestal to create a wide-ranging portrait of this unique community.

What Knoxville Needs: A Grand Central Arts Station
Quote of the Week: "...we should show kids the proper way to roll cigarettes or shoot heroine..."
Knox Found Online: Knoxville: Photogenic and Lovely
The Weekly Plan-It: May 10-May 16
Street Talk: Meg Beach, director of the "Myth Adventures" children's performing arts camp at the Clayton Center for the Arts



Bad Sports
Don't tell KUB, but David Bolt dreams of meter discs spinning backwards for everyone. Among other places, that dream has taken him to Vestal, where he set up his solar installation company, Sustainable Future, in 2010. And last month it took him to the White House, where he received an award for being a "Champion of Change." Rick Held profiles

Ear to the Ground
The Corvette Expo faces a roadblock, the Public Trust PAC weighs in on education, the Gov considers his first veto, and Jefferson County is looking for one good school board candidate.

Secret History
Jack Neely takes a walk through remnants of the 1982 World's Fair.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle thinks the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame could be a winner.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes considers the changing demographics of downtown residents.

All Foods Considered
Rose Kennedy ponders her mother's kitchen.


Music: On Tour
Nellie McKay

Eye on the Scene
The Bijou Jubilee! gets festive, and Knoxville Design Week returns.

Streetwise Knoxville

The Avengers

Video Games: Digital Hackery
Xenoblade: Chronicles

Books: Pulp
Hilary Mantel's Bring Up the Bodies

Local Flavors by Gay Lyons
Shuck Raw Bar and Ale