Table of Contents: March 22-March 26, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 12


Young and Sick
According to the most recent statistics from the state, approximately 75 people in Knox County get kidney cancer every year. That's the third-highest number in Tennessee, behind the more populous Shelby and Davidson counties. In 2010, 20 people died from cancer of the kidney or renal pelvis in Knox County, 7 percent of the state's total deaths from those cancers. And that's exactly the sort of cancer that writer Cari Wade Gervin was diagnosed with last fall. Here's her account of dealing with the dreaded disease, from beginning to end.

What Knoxville Needs: NIghtlife Parking
Quote of the Week: " action on the part of the Commission is warranted."
Knox Found Online: A New Knoxville Band That's Not In Knoxville
The Weekly Plan-It: March 22-March 26
Street Talk: Stacie Preston, an entrant in the Spartan Death Race obstacle course



From Blight to Delight?
Mayor Madeleine Rogero has made removing blighted buildings a priority in her first year in office, and has introduced new measures to crack down on owners of these eyesores. Cari Wade Gervin takes a look at the renewed civic effort.

Ear to the Ground
The Haslam administration "jawbones" reporters, Rep. Frank Niceley eyes the Senate once more, and Sheriff Tim is back! Again!

Secret History
Jack Neely spends a stormy night in an old bar listening to an old Knoxville song.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle believes Knox County's Charter Review Commission needs a truly unbiased legal advisor.

Joe Sullivan thinks the city has it all over the county when it comes to pension funding worries.

A Living World
Eleanor Scott visits the new Groundswell Collective.

Knox On Wheels
Jason R. Sakurai visits the NTB car show.


Music: On Tour
Pink Martini

Eye on the Scene
R.I.P. Melanie Sharp, and the end of Sundown in the City.

Theater: Backstage
The Good Son

We Need To Talk About Kevin

DVDs: Spoiler Alert

Comics: Splash Panel
The Strain and Buffy