Table of Contents: March 15-March 19, 2012

Vol. 21, No. 11


Public Figure
Over three decades, Julia Tucker has contributed and raised countless dollars for charity, served on scores of boards, and became the city's most influential AIDS advocate. She is a historic preservationist and a political activist who has never been far from the crossroads—if not the crosshairs—of Knoxville history. Betty Bean recounts her colorful life and her most earnest efforts. PLUS: Julia Tucker vs. Cas Walker.

What Knoxville Needs: Veggies To Go
Quote of the Week: "Knoxville's our toughest market."
Knox Found Online: Knoxville Jobs Forecast
Street Talk: Aaron Killian, host of the Facebook page "Aaron Age 11"



Four-Year Physical
"Greater Knoxville: Community Research 2012" is the latest attempt by the Cornerstone Foundation, one of Knoxville's major philanthropic organizations, to make some sense of this perpetually puzzling place. Since the 1990s, Cornerstone has conducted careful studies of metropolitan Knoxville's wants and needs. Jack Neely gives this year's 90-page ring-bound report a read.

Ear to the Ground
Don't look for a KTSC and Chamber mashup, the newest Midway development makes for a difficult choice, and that darn Stacey Campfield is at it again.

Secret History
Jack Neely further dissects Tennessee's red state, post-primary.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle shares the frustrations of home builders.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes thinks it's time for the CBID to reconsider its goals.

Stephanie Piper searches for a mindful moment.

Soluble Solutions
Pink Lady advises on weighty marriage issues.


Music: On Tour
Dan Baird

CDs: File Sharing
Nite Jewel

Eye on the Scene
Knox ivi faces some shake-ups.

Video Games: Digital Hackery
Mass Effect 3

John Carter

Guest Speaker
Ultrahiker Andrew Skurka

Meet Your Best of Knoxville 2011 Winner