Table of Contents, June 28-July 4, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 26


Food Trucks Explosion!
Okay, so Knoxville may sometimes be behind the national trends, but we catch up with a vengeance. We're finally getting our own gourmet food trucks, and they're humdingers. Cari Wade Gervin gives us a taste of Savory and Sweet, Cruze Farm Milk Bar, and several more to come. Will they change the city's dining culture with inventive cuisine?

What Knoxville Needs: Life in the Bike Lanes
Quote of the Week: "...that's just the risk you take."
Knox Found Online: A Tall Tale About David Byrne in Knoxville
The Weekly Plan-It: June 28-July 2
Street Talk: Burton Mandrell, competing in the 2012 North American Collegiate Bridge Team Championships



Outsmarting Old Habits
A 2010 report from the Brookings Institution found that 85 percent of commuters here drive alone to work every day. Enter Smart Trips: an organization aiming to change this statistic. But can they really change ingrained habits with gift cards? Paige Huntoon takes a look.

Ear to the Ground
Oh, they all had some bad news this week: Rep. Julia Hurley, local attorney Shelley Breeding, and County Mayor Tim Burchett.

Secret History
Jack Neely visits Lakeshore Mental Health Institute before its aged doors close.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle looks at old King Coal's problems.

Joe Sullivan wonders how we're going to afford mandated online student testing.


Music: On Tour
Foxy Shazam

Eye on the Scene
Kuumba Festival, Mic Harrison

Comics: Splash Panel
Jack Kirby

DVDs: Spoiler Alert
My Joy and Once Upon a TIme in Anatolia

Guest Speaker
Jane Maas, the Real-Life Peggy Olson

Moonrise Kingdom

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