Table of Contents, June 14-June 20, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 24


Knoxploitation: The Making of 'Incoming Freshmen'
In 1976, a group of first-time filmmakers from the University of Tennessee decided to tackle the drive-in market with their own exploitation film, Incoming Freshman. While it eventually did indeed make it to theaters, the road there was a treacherous one, with its distributor, the infamous Cannon Films, reediting the movie into a straight-up T and A fest. Now, with the original cut being screened locally, Fred Sahms tells the long, strange story of Incoming Freshman.

What Knoxville Needs: Enact That Waterfront Plan!
Quote of the Week: "Nine percent (9%) of Tennessee men use smokeless tobacco..."
Knox Found Online: Knoxville: A Vacation Getaway
The Weekly Plan-It: June 14-June 20
Street Talk: Jake Hudson of the Fort Loudoun Lake Association



Blight Begone
Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero's war against blight opened a new front on Monday with two community meetings. Around a hundred people were in attendance to listen to a panel of neighborhood association members and others who have been involved in rehabbing blighted properties. Cari Wade Gervin reports on their concerns and the city's responses.

Ear to the Ground
No year-round schooling yet, Gordon Ball is still after State Farm of Illinois, and how to find Mad Men on DISH network.

Secret History
Jack Neely weighs in on downtown panhandlers.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle finds himself in a crowded home once again.

Joe Sullivan thinks KTSC could use revamping, not replacing.

Olive in Wonderland
Olive J. Keith inspects downtown's manly men.


Music: On Tour

Eye on the Scene
The Royal Bangs plan their next album, and Alive After Five sets up its new summer season.

DVDs: Spoiler Alert

Theater: Backstage
Red Scare on Sunset

Books: Pulp
Year of the Gadfly

Thrift Store Finds by Anthony Nownes
The Bee Gees