Table of Contents, July 12-July 17, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 28


Tiki Torchbearer
Tim "Swanky" Glazner is obsessed with tiki—not just as a pop-culture phenomenon that peaked in the early '60s, but as a way of life right now. Through his tiki projects both big and small, he's been helping keep the tiki traditions alive. Coury Turczyn profiles Knoxville's own tiki god. Plus: Knoxville's other tiki oases.

What Knoxville Needs: The Whole Village Approach to Planning
Quote of the Week: "Training camp has begun here in Knoxville!"
Knox Found Online: God's Wrath Descends Upon Colonial Village's Fishies
The Weekly Plan-It: July 13-July 18
Street Talk: Belinda Carter Hammond, director of the South High School Alumni Chorus



Election Time Is Here Again!
Friday marks the first day of early voting for the Aug. 2 primary, the first election since this year's post-Census redistricting. And to make it easier for you, Cari Wade Gervin has compiled a rundown of who's running for what. This week, we're focusing on the federal races; next week we'll have the state round-up.

Ear to the Ground
Early voting is set to sputter into gear, rolling your own gets taxing, and Rivr Media pitches its tourism prowess.

Secret History
Jack Neely tags along on an expedition to find Fort Sanders.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle gets his rain barrel comeuppance.

Joe Sullivan wonders why the University of Tennessee isn't taking online teaching as seriously as top-tier schools.

And: Letters to the Editor


Music: On Tour
Future Islands

Eye on the Scene
The Dirty Guv'nahs prepare a Market Square party to celebrate their new album, plus other new local music releases.

DVDs: Spoiler Alert
Spaghetti Westerns

The Amazing Spider-Man

On Location: Land Portrait

CDs: File Sharing
Liars' WIXIW

Olive in Wonderville
Olive J. Keith meets Dr. Joe.