Table of Contents: Jan. 19-Jan. 25, 2012

Vol. 22, #3


Knoxville's New Wave
Knoxville's music scene likes to look backward: the ones who got away, the ones who should have been bigger, the glory days of WNOX or Vic and Bill's or the Mercury Theatre. For this year's edition of our annual music issue, though, we want to take a look at what's happening in Knoxville right now. The group of artists we've selected to profile—electro-soulman Fine Peduncle, psychedelic noise/hip-hop collective Dumb Lunch, and dreamy synth-rock band Yung Life—aren't necessarily the most popular performers in town, but they are among the most promising bands in Knoxville in 2012.

What Knoxville Needs: More Local Color (on Walls)
Quote of the Week: "I'd just try to stomp a mudhole in him..."
Knox Found Online: Abraham Lincoln's Knoxville Jest
Street Talk: Erin Bicknese, proprietor and baker for the Knoxville Bread Co-op


Ear to the Ground
Harriman Explores Ghost Tourism , Newt, Campfield Like Drug Testing , Hunley Likes McMillan, and Tindell May Survive Republican Redistricting.

Secret History
Jack Neely wonders why he's never met the director of Knoxville's Tourism and Sports Corp., Gloria Ray.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle points out that grocery tax cuts may look more appetizing than they really are.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes explains why a center-city Walmart holds no fear for him.

Thrift Store Finds
Anthony Nownes uncovers Spirit's 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus


Music: Local Heroes
Wolf at the Door

Eye on the Scene
New film project documents a year in Knoxville.

Local CD Review
Wampus Cat's self-titled release.

Heroes at Theater Knoxville Downtown

Video Games: Digital Hackery
Saints Row: The Third

Books: Pulp
Running the Rift