Table of Contents: Jan. 12-Jan. 18, 2012

Vol. 22, #2


Bowl Survivors
The kitschy sport of swirly colored balls, stinky shoes, and lots of Pabst Blue Ribbon can still draw in bowlers, but the glory days of league bowling are in the gutter. Potential players today are lured away by more modern online entertainment or just can't afford it. However, there are still some true believers in Knoxville who are trying to keep the game alive, as Rose Kennedy discovers.

What Knoxville Needs: Railway Connections
Quote of the Week: "I believe returning the payments will erase any concerns..."
Knox Found Online: Knoxville's Plans for Greatness
Street Talk: Martha Keith Farrelly, director of the Shannonham Singers


Citybeat: University Commons vs. Cumberland Corridor
The announcement that a major development involving the Florida-based Publix grocery chain and international retail Godzilla Walmart would be lumbering toward central Knoxville was startling news in itself. But this 211,000-square-foot development is proposed for the foot of Cumberland Avenue, just as the city's beginning practical work on a long-discussed plan to give the Strip a pedestrian-friendly college-town feel with broad sidewalks and shops fronting the street—not exactly the familiar Walmart way. Can the two projects coexist? Jack Neely considers the possibilities.

Ear to the Ground
Jefferson County Tomorrow Claims Norfolk Southern Seeks to Demolish Structures , Knoxville Rated 8th Most Gay in Nation , and Papers Relating to 2006 Resignation of Knoxville Fire Chief Carlos Perez Released .

Secret History
Jack Neely examines the rubble from two recent demolitions.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle mourns a possible casualty of the state Republican redistricting plan.

Joe Sullivan reports on the Rogero administration's plans for curbing neighborhood blight.

A Living World by Eleanor Scott
A visit to JC's Market in Parkridge.

Midpoint by Stephanie Piper
Give peace a chance.


Music: On Tour
Blues harpist Wallace Coleman

Eye on the Scene
Matt Morelock Moves to Hawaii, New club the Well opens in Bearden's 4620 space.

Local CD Review
Stewart Pack's Epic Ditch Demos.

DVDs: Spoiler Alert
'Blackthorn' and 'Warrior' Revive Classic Hollywood Genres

Gary Oldman's Smiley Is the Anti-Bond in 'Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy'

Local Flavors
31 Bistro