Table of Contents: Feb. 9-Feb. 15, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 6


Dear Pink Lady
For our special Valentine's Day edition, we asked our readers to send us their most perplexing relationship questions for the consideration of our Soluble Solutions advice columnist, Pink Lady. She has picked out the most urgent quandaries for her special problem-solving talents (and mixed-drink suggestions). We share them with you now in hopes of spurring some happier Valentine's Day observations.

What Knoxville Needs: Extended Family Playground
Quotes of the Week: Dangerous Monkeys
Knox Found Online: Nude Looms Crackdown
Street Talk: Stephen M. Dupree, one of 24 bachelors being auctioned to benefit the Friends of Literacy



Impact Analysis
There are a lot of pages in the Knoxville Tourism and Sports Corporation documents released late last Wednesday night. There are contracts and board meeting minutes and financials and stacks and stacks of spreadsheets. But when you look at the documents where KTSC claims credit (and economic impact) for particular events, not all the ones listed were actually booked by KTSC—and the actual event organizers claim KTSC had no involvement whatsoever, as Cari Wade Gervin reports.

Ear to the Ground
Gloria Ray's salary history, KUB manages our vegetation, and the search for candidates to replace state Rep. Harry Tindell continues.

Secret History
Jack Neely kind of likes the Carousel Theatre, and wonders why UT doesn't.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle looks at the harbingers of the Good Ol' Boy network's downfall.

Sideways Glance
Rikki Hall picks out some monkey wrenches to throw into Republican primaries.

Stephanie Piper asks: Is Geography Destiny?

A Living World
Eleanor Scott visits some urban brown fields.


Music: On Tour
Zola Jesus

Eye on the Scene
R.I.P. Ed Corts, local CD release shows.

2 Many Pixels Gallery retrospective

Books: Pulp
WNo Cheating, No Dying and First You Try Everything

The Woman in Black

DVDs: Spoiler Alert
Higher Ground and The Woman!