Table of Contents: Feb. 2-Feb. 8, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 5


Local Color: North Central
Central Street is Knoxville's defining axis. All addresses in the county from here to Farragut are numbered from it. Few blocks suggest its role as the spine of a metropolitan county of more than 400,000 people. It seems altogether too easy to cross on foot. But it's also one of Knoxville's most colorful neighborhoods. Starting a new series of photo essays, Shawn Poynter takes his camera to Happy Holler and beyond to capture a district in transition.

What Knoxville Needs: Extended Family Playground
Quotes of the Week: Dangerous Monkeys
Knox Found Online: Nude Looms Crackdown
Street Talk: Stephen M. Dupree, one of 24 bachelors being auctioned to benefit the Friends of Literacy



Edwin "Rocky" Wynder, 1928-2012
Rocky Wynder's long career linked the era of tent vaudeville and black speakeasies to a time of upscale-restaurant jazz nights in a reborn downtown. He began his career before rock 'n' roll, and dabbled with R&B, but always favored jazz, especially the small-band, bold-but-often-wistful form known as bebop. He was its most charismatic local proponent, and, for students of jazz, an authentic connection to a vigorous era. Jack Neely recalls his remarkable life.

Ear to the Ground
Did Tourism Head Get Bonus Pay From Hail Storm? , The Booting Heard 'Round the World , Attorney Gordon Ball Can't Get a Billion-Dollar Break , and Outlaws Club President Mark Lester Released .

Secret History
Jack Neely wonders whether Knoxville's Granville McGhee could be considered the first rock 'n' roller.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle explains the Catch-22 of why something might be unconstitutional if you're trying to make it constitutional (after the fact).

Soap Box
Guest columnist Michael Kaplan recalls the roots of Knoxville's downtown revitalization.

Ask Doc Knox
Z. Heraclitus Knox explores our earliest dumps.

Olive in Wonderville
Olive J. Keith tracks down an epee's origins.


Music: Local Heroes
Dracula Horse record label

Eye on the Scene
Local songwriters launch a career management app, and Square Room set to start Scruffy City Roots broadcast.

UT's Redefining the Multiple

Comics: Splash Panel
Walt Kelly'sPogo

Albert Nobbs

Video Games: Digital Hackery
Back to Skyrim!