Table of Contents: Feb. 16-Feb. 22, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 7


The Adbuctee
Thomas Reed understands that the story he has to tell exists in a realm far beyond the pale of credulity. He simply asks that people look at the evidence—multiple eyewitness accounts, polygraph tests, readings from Geiger counters and electromagnetic equipment—and scrutinize it with clear eyes and an open mind. Reed says he and his family have been involved in a multigenerational series of UFO abductions, ones that have caught the interest of investigators. Mike Gibson takes a look..

What Knoxville Needs: Better Civic Coordination
Quotes of the Week: "...a little pressure on the feds..."
Knox Found Online: Chariot For Sale: Cheap!
Street Talk: Lisa Chassy, DVM, head veterinarian at Young-Williams Animal Center



Technology Talk Dominates Knox County School Board Races
The Republican presidential primary is getting all the attention for the upcoming March 6 election, as early voting gets underway this week. But while not as high-profile, the three local school board races are swinging into high gear these last few weeks of campaigning. Here's what the candidates have to say about the local education issues they feel are most important, as Cari Wade Gervin reports.

Ear to the Ground
There's some jockeying for position in the trustee's office, some state environmental heads roll, the Herminator is coming, and we're still waiting for lots of campaign ads.

Secret History
Jack Neely confesses his lack of Walmart experience.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle muses over the upcoming Republican primary.

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes offers some suggestions for improving the Knoxville visitor center downtown.

All Foods Considered
Rose Kennedy reveals her food crushes.

Chronicles of Knoxville Music
Little Robert


Music: Local Hero
Kevin Hyfantis

Eye on the Scene
Bonnaroo and Rhythm N' Blooms Announce 2012 Lineups.

Classical Music
KO's Romeo et Juliette

CDs: File Sharing
Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas

Video Games: Digital Hackery
Final Fantasy XIII-2

Meet Your BOK 2011 Winner
Richard Cameron, Club XYZ