Table of Contents: Dec. 15-21, 2011

Vol. 21, #50


Say Cheese!
There's not much to cheese: Milk, salt, some cultures, some rennet. So how can those few ingredients produce such a seductive world of flavors, textures, smells, and even memories? With cheese connoisseurship booming in East Tennessee, we're happy to present our first-ever Cheese Issue. First, Rose Kennedy surveys the local landscape of cheesemakers and purveyors, and finds nine good reasons to rejoice. Then, Cari Wade Gervin probes the history of the South and her own family to get a handle on the enduring allure and sudden trendiness of pimento cheese. (Among her findings: It's not from the South at all.)

Weekly Plan-It: Highlights of the Week Ahead
Street Talk: Jeff Gubitz, executive director of the Knoxville Jewish Alliance


Citybeat: The Other 20 Percent
In the latest Census numbers, Knoxville's poverty rate remained unchanged at 1 in 5 residents, and Knox County's rate actually showed a dip. But as Cari Wade Gervin reports, those numbers may not reflect the extent of local hardship in the midst of the economic slump.

Ear to the Ground
Chuck Fleischmann hears a Wamp approaching, Gov. Haslam warns against tax cuts, and the 2012 county races are heating up.

Secret History
Jack Neely pays tribute to a man he knew almost too well to write about: his father.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle says the problem with judges is that nobody can tell them what to do.

Joe Sullivan casts a skeptical eye toward the University of Tennessee's economic development efforts.

Libacious by Jesse Fox Mayshark


Music: On Tour
Protest the Hero

Eye on the Scene
Ergo We Play

Local CD Review
Knoxville Jazz Orchestra

CD Review
Kate Bush

Thrift Store Finds by Anthony Nownes
Marcus Joseph

The Future, Tucker and Dale vs. Evil

The Sitter