Table of Contents, Aug. 9-Aug. 15, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 32


The Scruffy Fashionista
Knoxville Fashion Week is launching its second edition next week, which raises the question: Can Knoxville be fashionable? We're supposed to be scruffy, after all. Nevertheless, there are local fashion designers plying their trades and hoping for their big breaks. Cari Wade Gervin shows us their wares.

What Knoxville Needs: McKay's Very Own Stoplight
Quote of the Week: "It was an honor for me to be able to watch him overcome the obstacles..."
Knox Found Online: Curb's Ghost Houses Continue to Gain Attention
The Weekly Plan-It: Aug. 9-Aug. 16
Street Talk: Paul Attea, a bike mechanic for the Knox Bike Collective



Matt Michaels: "It's an Approach to Daily Living."
As part of Metro Pulse's ongoing discussions with local religious leaders, we present Knoxville's newest rabbi, Matt Michaels. He recently took over the post of rabbi at Temple Beth-El after spending the past 20 years in Texas. Paige Huntoon introduces us.

Ear to the Ground
Debra Maggart breaks bread with the NRA, Gov. Haslam goes 0 for 2 in the election, and the Democratic Party's position on their "candidate" Mark Clayton.

Secret History
Jack Neely describes the hanging of John Webb, 137 years ago this week.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle proposes a radical idea: What if there weren't metropolitan planning commissions?

Shot of Urban
Michael Haynes offers solutions for downtown's "parking problem" while we wait for new garages to be built.

And: Letters to the Editor


Music: On Tour
Dirty Projectors

Eye on the Scene
Mountain Soul and the Mutations.

Comics: Splash Panel
The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

DVDs: Spoiler Alert
Bad B-movies

Farewell My Queen

ZAZZ: A Monthly Dose of Style and Substance

Stephanie Piper learns some mood management from an unlikely source.

Take Two
Multi-generational advice for a tipping dilemma.

Who's Making What?
Konane Wildcrafted Designs