Table of Contents, Aug. 23-Aug. 29, 2012

Vol. 22, No.34


Urban Wilderness Adventurer
The non-profit Legacy Parks has been doing important work in preserving Knoxville's urban wilderness while also opening it to visitors, like at the Seven Islands Wildlife Refuge. But it's also started a new initiative: to revamp Knoxville as a destination for urban outdoors adventures, starting with this week's Outdoor KnoxFest. Jack Neely introduces us to Legacy Parks' mastermind Carol Evans.

What Knoxville Needs: Jobs That Stay Put
Quote of the Week: "...advancement of religious ideology is an inappropriate role of state government..."
Knox Found Online: Sharing Knoxville Memorabilia
The Weekly Plan-It: Aug. 23-Aug. 27
Street Talk: Tonya Jelf, Organizer of the Alive After 35 Knoxville Meetup Group



Polling Place Pushback
November will mark the first presidential election since Harry S. Truman upset Thomas E. Dewey that there'll be no ballots cast at Belle Morris Elementary School. The Knox County Election Commission voted this week to support administrator Cliff Rodgers' decision to close down 16-South, as Betty Bean reports.

Volunteer Clinic Closes
The director of the Volunteer Women's Medical Clinic announced its closure last week, citing the Life Defense Act. Meanwhile, state legislators have more bills in the works, as Cari Wade Gervin reports.

Ear to the Ground
Bob Corker dishes on the new owner of the Cleveland Browns, racists like nature, too, and the battle for the state Republican caucus.

Secret History
Jack Neely explores another mystery left behind by the painter Lloyd Branson.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle outlines some persnickety scenarios that raise the question of what types of communication are considered private these days.

Joe Sullivan reveals what happened to Tennessee's $70 million investment in switchgrass-based biofuel: not much.

And: Letters to the Editor


Music: On Tour
Milk Carton Kids

CDs: File Sharing

Eye on the Scene
MetroFest returns, Jack FM gets a makeover, and Erick Baker hits the Bijou again.

Visual Art: Artbeat
Confabulatores Nocturni

DVDs: Spoiler Alert
Marley, Last Days Here


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