Table of Contents, Aug. 2-Aug. 8, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 31


No Joke!
Knoxville's never been considered a great town for live comedy—until now. In addition to Side Splitters, several nightclubs have set aside comedy open-mic nights that have sparked a burgeoning scene of local stand-ups. Mike Gibson tells their stories.

What Knoxville Needs: Meal-Movie Pairings
Quote of the Week: "We are thankful that did not occur."
Knox Found Online: A Humble Plea for Knox Comedy
The Weekly Plan-It: Aug. 2-Aug.5
Street Talk: Candice Lawton, co-founder and vice president of UT's Project V.E.G.G.I.E



Meat To Go
Loudon County farmer Chris Burger has livestock he'd like to sell as meat—but he has to take it Chattanooga to be slaughtered. Knoxville does not have its own abattoir, and they're expensive to build. But what if there was a (cheaper) mobile one to service local farms? Cary Wade Gervin takes a look at Burger's unusual business plan.

Ear to the Ground
Democrats plan their Truman Day dinner, KC-PACE makes its endorsements, Elizabeth Smart comes to town, and fried chicken gets political.

Secret History
Jack Neely recalls our Olympic champion, Professor Ebenezer Alexander (note: not an athlete).

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle details the fight between the NRA and Republican legislators—who would've thunk it?

Joe Sullivan explains how expanding Medicare in Tennessee would be a comparatively small investment with a big pay-off.

A Living World
Eleanor Scott visits the unplanned meadow of the old Standard Knitting Mill.

And: Letters to the Editor


Music: On Tour
Guardian Alien

Eye on the Scene
Jazz on the Square gets the joint jumping, and Tuatha Dea performs progressive Celtic music. Really!.

CDs: File Sharing
Dying Fetus' Reign Supreme

Visual Art: Artbeat

Beasts of the Southern Wild

Video Games: Digital Hackery
Valve's Steam

Thrift Store Finds
Anthony Nownes rediscovers American Flyer.