Table of Contents: April 5-April 11, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 14


Dogwood Revival
The fortunes of the Dogwood Arts Festival, launched in 1961, have fluctuated wildly over the years. By the late '90s it had settled into an easily parodied collection of crochet Kleenex holders, hot-glue T-shirts, and church-bus excursionists for the most part. In 2008, not only was the festival short a director, it was fighting years, even decades, of identity crisis. That's when Lisa Duncan took it over, and by all reports has succeeded in making it truly festive once again. Rose Kennedy stops to smell the dogwoods.

What Knoxville Needs: Inedible Entertainment
Quote of the Week: "This is a potential educational opportunity..."
Knox Found Online: Snapped in Knoxville
The Weekly Plan-It: April 5-April 10
Street Talk: Laurielle Campbell, local organizer of a Trayvon Martin rally



Stripped Down
It seems inconceivable that you could take an oft-traveled four-lane road, add a huge shopping development and a slew of new housing at the mouth of its messiest juncture, narrow it to two lanes plus a middle turning lane and expect a happy result. But Knoxville city planners say they've done their homework—and that the Cumberland Avenue Corridor Project will change traffic patterns for the better on the University of Tennessee's perpetually harried Strip. Mike Gibson reports.

Ear to the Ground
Gov. Bill Haslam gets lashed by the Wall Street Journal editorial page, a septic tank may determine a Democrat's bid for office, and the Gingrich campaign wonders: What to do with Stacey Campfield?

Secret History
Jack Neely goes back in time before the Arby's Building was nicknamed the Arby's Building.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle cautions officials not to blame the sheriff's department for the county's pension-fund mess.

Joe Sullivan urges support for the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.

A Living World
Eleanor Scott looks at the Wall.


Music: Local Heroes
Mito Band

Eye on the Scene
10 Years' new album, Oversat on the road, and a jazz happening at Market Square's Bella Luna.

Nexus 2012

Mirror, Mirror

DVDs: Spoiler Alert
Being Elmo, Senna, El Bulli

Guest Speaker
Performance Artist Christian Cox

Meet Your BOK 2011 Winner
Amie Snyder, Bartender, Sapphire