Table of Contents: April 26-May 2, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 17


The Battle of Farragut
This Saturday morning, the Tennessee Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission will unveil a Civil War Trail Marker at Admiral Farragut Park on Northshore Drive. It will honor the renowned historical figure Adm. David Farragut of "Damn the torpedoes!" fame—a figure who's also become a modern-day Hispanic American hero. But all the new attention is coming just as his presumed childhood home is being developed as an exclusive residential community. Last summer, the big, stone Farragut birthplace monument at Stoney Point vanished. All of which is pitting preservationists vs. a recalcitrant property owner. Jack Neely reports from the front lines.

What Knoxville Needs: Later Hours, Less Scary Weather
Quote of the Week: "This is not a eulogy."
Knox Found Online: Golly, What's Indie-Pop-Rock?
The Weekly Plan-It: April 26-April 29
Street Talk: Jimmy Buckner, executive director of the Scarecrow Foundation



Mulchpocalypse 2012
The mulch fire was pretty much all anyone talked about last week, other than Pat Summitt's retirement. It was understandable, given the thick wood smoke that spread across town for days, making living rooms smell like fire pits and lungs feel like they'd smoked a pack of cigarettes. Finally, by Tuesday morning, the fire was officially "out." But plenty of questions about how it started remain. Cari Wade Gervin checks in with the mulch players to find out their next steps.

Ear to the Ground
The Burchetts head toward divorce, Ron Ramsey loves the idea of Vice President Haslam, Nikki Giovanni draws a crowd, and Scottie Mayfield cashes in on years of ice cream advertising.

Secret History
Jack Neely takes a look at the East Tennessee Art & Artists exhibit at the East Tennessee History Center.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle says no to drooping pants.

Sideways Glance
Rikki Hall urges the Knox County Charter Review Committee to think big.

Soap Box
Guest columnist Rick Held makes a case for sustaining the city's Office of Sustainability.

Olive in Wonderville
Olive J. Keith backs Pat—and that "girl from Bearden."


Music: On Tour
Death Cab for Cutie

Eye on the Scene
A new outdoor concert venue on the horizon, and Mic Harrison and the High Score, as well as the Black Cadillacs, rev up new releases.

Clarence Brown's Kiss Me, Kate

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Video Games: Digital Hackery
Kid Icarus: Uprising

Comics: Splash Panel

Local Flavors
Gay Lyons heads south to Frussie's.

Chronicles of Knoxville Music History
UT Jazz Giants