Table of Contents: April 19-April 25, 2012

Vol. 22, No. 16


Speaking for the Trees
TVA is in the process of cutting down hundreds of thousands of trees across seven states, any tree TVA deems unsuitable that happens to grow on a TVA transmission line easement. Easement brush clearing is nothing new, but for the first time ever, TVA is clearing the full width of the easements of any vegetation that is over 15 feet tall. TVA says the change in policy will make everyone safer, but an unlikely coalition of environmentalists and property rights activists have joined forces to stop it. This group's leader? Larry Silverstein. Cari Wade Gervin profiles Knoxville's own Lorax.

What Knoxville Needs: Panhandle-Free Zones
Quote of the Week: "It is apparent that Burton Webb's legal problems are more extensive than either he or I realized..."
Knox Found Online: RV in the Semi-Big City
The Weekly Plan-It: April 19-April 23
Street Talk: Tim Tipton, operator of Anna's Angels, a non-profit thrift store



Alternatives to Alternatives
At first glance, UT's Dr. Barry Bruce doesn't come off like a guy whose work could one day change how we approach solar energy. He seems a bit laid-back for a researcher, with a vague Lebowski-like quality emanating from somewhere between his unkempt hair and his sandals. But Bruce is a hands-on researcher and instructor in a field that seeks to harness one of nature's Philosopher's Stones to help address our ever-growing energy needs, as David Doyle reports.

City Anti-Discrimination Policy
How did Mayor Rogero's proposal to add gender identity and sexual orientation to the city's anti-discrimination hiring policy come about? Betty Bean tracks it down.

Ear to the Ground
Shelly Breeding's candidacy may have to be decided in court, ORNL's possible security breach, and will Gov. Haslam's economic development czar head to Romney land?

Secret History
Jack Neely makes a culinary suggestion for the annual Rossini Festival.

Frank Talk
Frank Cagle gives Gov. Haslam good scores for wielding his power with a minimum of imperiousness.

Joe Sullivan reports on efforts by Pilot Flying J to support natural gas-fueled truck fleets.

A Living World
Eleanor Scott visits Po'ridge.


Music: On Tour
Sharon Von Etten

Music: Local Heroes
King Super and the Excellents

Eye on the Scene
Record Store Day strikes again, and WUTK earns another national plaudit.

Several Silences

Cabin in the Woods

DVDs: Spoiler Alert
House of Pleasures and Sleeping Beauty

CDs: File Sharing
Christian Mistress and High on Fire

Guest Speaker
Natalie Cisneros, contributor to One Day On Earth.

Knox On Wheels
Jason R. Sakurai takes note of new hot hatches.