Superdrag Spinoff Lees of Memory Announces New Album


The Superdrag saga, now in its third decade (!), will take yet another unexpected twist this summer when a new indie power-pop/shoegaze trio featuring founding Superdrag members John Davis and Brandon Fisher releases its debut album.  

Sisyphus Says, the first album from the Lees of Memory , will be available on Sept. 16. It’s being released by the Los Angeles label Side One Dummy Records, which is also overseeing the vinyl reissue of Superdrag’s catalog

The Lees of Memory was born casually back in 2013, when Fisher visited Davis’ home studio in Nashville to work on a new song. That prompted Davis to start writing new songs, and soon the pair had enough material for an album. (A digital single was released in October.) Davis recruited drummer Nick Slack from his recent skate-punk band Epic Ditch and the trio headed into Nick Raskulinecz’s Rock Falcon studio in Nashville to lay down tracks for Sisyphus Says

The new album marks the first official collaboration between Davis and Fisher since Industry Giants, Superdrag’s 2009 comeback album. Before that, they had last played together on Superdrag’s third album, In the Valley of Dying Stars, in 2000. And quite a bit has changed in that time. 

“Well, we don’t live in the same city anymore, so any collaborating on the pre-production side ends up happening via e-mails back-and-forth, etc.,” Davis says in an Aug. 11 interview with Consequence of Sound . “We tracked and overdubbed everything guerrilla-style where we’d strategically plan a day or two or three to get as much work done as possible, far in advance; sort of a surgical strike rather than camping out somewhere indefinitely ’til the whole thing’s done. So much has changed, that just isn’t an option for us anymore.”

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