Wilbur the Groundhog's Forecast

As told to pet psychic Shelly Howley

Note: Howley says she used her abilities to connect with several local groundhogs. "Each one had a lot to say, but one by the name of Wilbur answered the questions," she says. "He is a six-year-old male groundhog who lives not too far from me-—I'm in Maryville. I'm thinking somewhere in the Smoky National Park or Townsend area, but not sure.

Before I got answers to your questions, Wilbur informed me that people need to stop getting groundhogs confused with beavers… they like beavers, but are not beavers." (Any comments in parentheses come from Howley, not Wilbur.)

Does Feb. 2 mean anything in particular to you, or is it just another day?

Groundhog Day means more to you than it does to us. Humans seem to have to work on symbols, and if you need us to come out of the hole and do a little dance so you can have that peace of mind, then that's what we will do. It's like the Bald Eagle, you see that, you think of your country.

If you did see your shadow Feb. 2, how big would it be?

Don't see my shadow, don't care. (The little groundhogs I spoke to got a thrill out of seeing the shadow.)

Is it hard to wake up in spring?

Yes and no, depends if the alarm goes off or not (laughing and called it "human humor"). I'm pretty lazy.

What's the first thing you feel like doing?

Stretch, bathroom, and saying hello to the world.

Do you think we'll have six more weeks of winter after Groundhog Day?

Does it really matter? No. I can't control the weather and neither can you. People need to stop worrying about the weather or anything else they cannot control and start living in the moment, like we do.

To contact Howley: healinghumanpaws.com, 977-9765