Tracy Jackson, Star of National Tracy Reads-a-Book Day, June 6

So you're gonna read a book, what's the occasion?

That's why I'm pretty much the star of the party. Basically I don't read that much. I'm a photographer, and just like looking at pictures, and people know that.

How long will it take to read the book?

It might be just periodically, in sessions. It's not really a performance reading.

You're not necessarily going to read out loud?

It could happen. The way we wrote up the event, the public will show up and I'll be reading a book. It's not a performance thing, more of an all-out party. People will be telling jokes, swapping books, magazines, there will be music. There's tons of stuff to choose from; we're trying to step it up from a book club to more of a social gathering.

This book, will it have pictures?

Probably a lot of pictures. It might be a children's book to start off the evening—and my reading career.

What's the book?

It will be whatever I might find at the swap.

If it is a picture book, and you do read it out loud, will you turn the book around often so the audience can see?

It will definitely be a show-and-tell storytime. If it doesn't have that many words, I would describe what's happening in the photos.

It might be more talking than reading?

Sure. Or I could just totally be making up the story.

The event involves a book swap, too.

Yes, that's the whole thing, if people have books they want to give away or donate, they can swap them. Old magazines, stuff like that. It's a free for all, that's what we're talking about. Anyone can get a book; you don't have to bring one.

Isn't that more like book taking than swapping?


Book-KA-bob's National Tracy Reads-a-Book Day celebration is June 6, 3 p.m.-6 p.m. at the Birdhouse (800 N. 4th Ave.),