Tim Adams

Director of the Young-Williams Animal Center

Street Talk

Why is June the Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat month?

It's actually a national thing. In May and June shelters all over the country get inundated with cats and kittens. It's called kitten season, and too often the kittens born are unwanted so they end up in a shelter. Besides adopting, we encourage anyone who has lost a cat to come to the shelter because we get lots of missing animals in here.

What are the benefits of adopting now?

Well, $10 off for one thing. The real reason is to draw attention to the fact that we have so many cats, and they just don't get adopted at the same rate as dogs. When people do adopt, we really push spaying or neutering, too. It makes the animals more socially adjusted, prevents disease, and keeps other unwanted animals out of shelters.

Cats are cute and cuddly. Why aren't they adopted as often as dogs?

People see dogs as the companion animal even though cats can be just as good a friend. People also think that dogs and cats don't get along, but it's really more about the personality of the animals. I've had a dog and a cat all my life without problems.

You really push adopting adult cats. Why is that?

People always go for the kittens, but adult cats are often a better choice. They're litter-trained, they're instant companions, and they're easier to take care of. They're always at the front of the cages hoping to be petted. Some people have had bad experiences with aloof cats, but those are the minority. Generally, they're loving animals that appreciate a lap to sit on and a bowl of food.     

Is there any breed that you recommend adopting?  

We have adoption counselors that really know the animals, and they meet with people who want to adopt to really try and find out what kind of pet you're looking for. They do the best they can to match an animal with the potential adopter's needs and wants.


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