Sunny Hall on Building a Business in Diapers

The mom of triplets is owner of Cutie Tooties cloth diaper business

How did you get started with cloth diapers?

I have triplets. When they were born, we were spending $75 per week on disposable diapers, and that was three years ago. It was just too hard on our budget.

What happened then?

I went to Wal-Mart and got little Gerber pre-fold diapers—the old-school ones—and pins and plastic pants. It was a disaster. They leak and I kept stabbing a baby and myself. So I got online and found modern cloth diapers. Gave that a whirl and never looked back.

How did it turn into a business?

We had budgeted for me to stay home with the babies for a year, but I was very addicted to my children and was not ready for an office job. So I started a webstore, and I worked in my house.

With the kids at home?

Yes, when they slept, late at night, during naps. I did demonstrations at people's homes, in the evenings when my husband wasn't working. People were so kind. They were happy to have me come to their homes. Mine looked like a bomb went off. In every room.

When did you start the storefront?

In July 2008. Two of my children have autism, and in November we moved to this Bearden location to be nearer to their school, Fort Sanders.

How's business?

I am really, really fortunate to have a growing business in a tough economy. We get new customers every week, and our e-mail list is around 350. I'm really... I'm grateful.

Why do you think you're doing so well?

It's earth-friendly. And a big piece is that with one child in cloth diapers you can save in the neighborhood of $2,000-$3,000 in a two-three year period. With subsequent children, it's free.

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