streettalk (2008-05)

April Thompson, still faithful Lost fanatic

Street Talk

Are you excited about the premiere of Lost this week after an eight-month hiatus?

Iâ’m extremely excited about its return. I feel like itâ’s been a lot longer than eight months since the season finale. Iâ’ve been having a lot of Lost-themed dreams recently. Last night I dreamed the plane crashed at my grandmaâ’s house and I was one of The Others.

Why do you think this show inspires such devotion?

In this age of instant gratification, it is a nice change to have something be such a mystery for such a long time. I mean, we still donâ’t know whatâ’s up with some stuff that happened in the first season, and I think that really draws people in and keeps them watching. Itâ’s a lot of fun to try to guess whatâ’s going on based on the clues you are given in the show.

Are you worried that the writerâ’s strike will damage the showâ’s season?

The writerâ’s strike has pretty much already killed all of my favorite shows, and Iâ’m really worried that Lost will be on hiatus indefinitely after these first eight episodes air, because even if the strike ended today, they would still have to write new episodes, then film them, then the post-production. I donâ’t really like to think about it.

How often do your conversations with friends turn to Lost?

My boyfriend and I bounce theories around all the time, and I have a lot of friends who watch Lost religiously and we talk about it, too. My grandmother is addicted to Lost too and I call her after every episode to talk about what happened and what she thinks itâ’s all about. I host a Lost party every week; friends come over and we have dinner and hang out, then watch Lost in total silenceâ"thatâ’s the only rule.

Is Charlie really dead? Has John Locke lost his mind? Whatâ’s the deal with Desmond? Are they getting off the island? What the heckâ’s going on?

Iâ’m not sure about Charlie, but I think that John Locke will prove to be the only one of the castaways who actually knows what is going on. I donâ’t know what the deal is with Desmond; I think, like Locke, he has a special bond with the island. They are totally getting off the island, but I donâ’t think itâ’s going to be what they had hoped, just based on the flash-forward from last seasonâ’s finale. I have my little theories about certain characters, but I really have no idea what is going on as far as the big picture. But I am sure that it is all going somewhere, without any cop-out endings like it was all a dream, or the island is in a parallel dimension, or some kind of lazy storytelling device like that. â" Greg Wilkerson


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