streettalk (2007-38)

Street Talk

Several of your photographs were recently put on display at the Bijou Theatre. Are they from performances at both the Bijou and the Tennessee theaters?

 They are all from the Bijou Theatre. There are, I think, 43 of them and thatâ’s just a fraction. Theyâ’re part of a permanent exhibit. I may change a few out, and I may add a few. Itâ’s part of a historical documentation process, so it keeps on going.

 I picked up a camera. Iâ’ve always liked performances. I borrowed a friendâ’s camera and shot a play in high school. I really liked that black and white image that came up, so I bought a camera. It was a Pentax Spotmatic. That was in 1972.

 The first thing I really shot was here in the Bijou. The Tennessee Theatre is so grand that for the right acts it has its own magic. Donâ’t ask me to pick between the two, because I couldnâ’t.

 Two special times were Chet Atkins and Tony Bennett. They both did benefit concerts. Chet Atkins came out and everybody fell silent. You could hear a pin drop. I was on stage five feet from him just waiting. He looked up at me and said, â“Do whatever you want.â” There was a 20-minute sound check, so that was nice. It was just so quiet, that it was like the king came into the room. 

 I sure have. It allows me to be a little more experimental, and it doesnâ’t sacrifice the quality of what I try for. I think I did that about six or seven years ago. I love my Nikon D70.


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