street_talk (2006-27)

Member at Shedrup Ling Tibetan Buddhist Center of Knoxville

Lama Karma Chotso

Traci Black

How many practicing Buddhists are in this area?

What is a regular service like at the Buddhist center?

You have a special event this weekend at the Center with the Venerable Lama Karma Chotso. Who is she? Lama Karma Chotso is one of only about 100 westerners who have gone through a Buddhist practice known as three years of retreat. During those three years, the Lama Karma spoke only to her teacher and practiced intensive meditation every day. It is rare to meet a westerner who has gone through this process. She will be very interesting because as a westerner she knows where we are coming from, but she has a depth of meditation that is unusual for this part of the world.

What will be taught at the Introduction to Tibetan Buddhism class this weekend? The classes on Friday and Saturday will teach the 37 practices of the Bodhisattva. This is a kind of practical instruction for people who want to dedicate their lives to serving others. It’s probably for people who have been reading about or practicing Buddhism already. Thursday night is the real introduction to Tibetan Buddhism and is an opportunity for beginners to see someone who has been practicing for a long time.

The Venerable Lama Karma Chotso, resident teacher at Kagyu Shedrup Choling, in southern Florida, will be present at an Introduction to a Tibetan Buddhism class on July 6 at 7:30, and also all day on July 7 and 8 at the Shedrup Ling Tibetan Buddhist Center of Knoxville. The center is located at 5415-F Kingston Pike across from Naples Italian Restaurant. Call 382-1585 for more information.