Steve Horton

Local musician and organizer of Knoxvilleâ's annual birthday party for Bob Dylan

Street Talk

Why host a Dylan celebration here?

Well, we were looking at a way to get a diverse group of musicians together. Besides that, he's my favorite songwriter. Looked like a way to get a group of people together and have a fun event. Dylan is appealing to so many genres of music, and it's a way of bridging the generations. It's also a sneaky way to give myself a birthday party, because we share a birthday.

If Dylan is your favorite songwriter, who is your second favorite?

Hmm, I'm really not sure right now. Gershwin, I believe, or Irving Berlin.

What's you favorite Dylan album?

Right off the bat, I would have to say Blonde on Blonde , although I really like Another Side and it had a lot of fantastic songs on it too. I was a junior in high school when Blonde on Blonde came out, and it had a big impact on people I knew.

Do you think Dylan might make a cameo this year?

We're going to invite him every year. Who knows, he might be there in disguise.

Is your band, the Lonesome Coyotes, playing soon?

Yep, we have a slate of gigs in August. We do the Knoxville Museum of Art every once in a while and go to Asheville and play at Jack of the Wood. We're also doing a Blue Plate Special. We really love doing that, and love to be associated with WDVX.

Bob Dylan's birthday party will be held Thursday, May 24 at 7:30 p.m. at the East Tennessee History Center. The event is a benefit for the public library. Bands playing this year include Garage Deluxe, Tennessee Sheiks, Sara Schwabe and Her Yankee Jass Band, Maggie Longmire, Steve Horton, and others. Metro Pulse columnist Steve Dupree will emcee.



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