Steve "the Cardeologist" Patterson

Collector of more than 150,200 business cards since 1996

Do you even know how many cards you have on a given day?

I update my totals every day or two or three times a week on my website (

Is there an original Mickey Mantle baseball card equivalent for business card collectors?

One of the big ones is what's called a "Drogin" from a calligrapher called Marc Drogin. Most of his clients were dentists and he does little cartoony-type caricatures and hand calligraphy, kind of Gothic, for the type on the cards.

You don't have any Drogins, do you?

I have two of his, one autographed, one not. Now he has some of his up on eBay. When I first saw that, I thought it was a hoax, just someone using his name. But I'm on the executive committee of the IBCC (International Business Card Collectors) and I checked it out with them and it turned out to be the real thing.

Did you have to pay to get your Drogins?

I forgot how I even did that, it's been a while back. But I didn't pay. I wrote him. Most of the ones I have that are famous or autographed, I got by writing the person. Sometimes I trade.

Are you persuasive?

I believe so. One of the cards I have is Donald Trump's. In May 2006 Live at Five did a story and asked me about Trump's card, and I had said, "You'd think a millionaire could afford full color." He actually had foil printing, which is expensive itself, but I was only partially quoted. He got word of it and had someone e-mail me to say his new business cards are up to standard, that the one I had was old. I wrote, "Well, I'd love to see it" and the guy was like "I'll mail you one" and I was like "How about if he autographs it?" so that's how I ended up with two.

How do you store them?

I've got them sorted into binders with sheet protectors. I've got more in Rubbermaids that I've got to sort and I'm sure my wife would love it if I'd get around to it soon.

Are there any particularly odd business cards?

The most interesting ones are the special-material type. You've got leather, plastic, glass, metal... I've got all kinds of metal ones, some of them have sharp edges. They have CDs that are business cards, too. Some, you can put in your computer and play the person's portfolio.