Sounds of Street Talk, 2010

They're all interesting, at least for 340 words or so, but I can honestly say I could never definitively pick my favorite Street Talk subjects from any given year. I did have some quotes I really liked, though, and here are seven of the most memorable:

Is any of the produce a hard sell?

The most interesting is okra. It has such a stigma attached. But our nutrition students fixed it in sort of a stir fry with squash and peppers. It was amazing how many people came back wondering if we had more okra to give out.

Eddie Young, Pastor of Holistics With Redeemer Church of Knoxville, Executive Director of Food in the Fort

Bra burning, or no bra burning?

I didn't think feminists wore bras!

Ashley Kite-Rowland, co-organizer Feminists Unite!

Why's such a gentle person writing about satanic murders?

This is not at all the type of book I would read. It comes from my 30 years in the criminal court system as a court reporter. I am the one who sat through the Christa Pike case. But this book is fiction—98 percent imagination.

Gail Needham, Knoxville Author of the Newly Published Novel Double Whammy

Does your day job involve motorcycles?

You'll love this. I'm the safety manager for Shafer Insurance Agency. My boss is always saying, "Yeah, he's our safety guy, and his hobbies are shooting and motorcycles."

Russ Townsend, Organizer, Vintage Motorcycle Show at Happy Hollerpalooza

Have any favorite fans?

The Derby Dawgs! ...Not to mention my personal favorite fan, my son. He's 9 and his name is Kyler. He holds a sign that says, "My mom can kick your mom's butt."

Battle Ready Betty (Paradise Kirkland), Blocker, Hard Knox Roller Girls

Do you believe in coincidence?

I believe God put me at the right place at the right time.

Jeff Nichols, Master Firefighter, Rescuer of Six in a Sunday Morning Fire

What's your favorite song to play on piano that your classical music/youth orchestra friends would be surprised to learn you love?

"Chopsticks." I can go on for hours. Sadly, my friends cannot. There seems to be a inverse correlation between the quantity of friends I have and the amount of hours I spend repeating "Chopsticks."

Jerry Feng, Knoxville Choral Society Young Classical Musicians Competition Winner, Piano