Sean McCollough, Organizer of the 10th Annual Vestival

So what's Vestival?

It is a festival held in the South Knoxville community of Vestal, thus they call it the Vestival.

How'd it get started?

[South Knoxville resident] Trudy Monaco started the festival just because she used to go through Vestal all the time and thought the grounds of the [Candoro] Marble Company were beautiful, and that it would be a great way to create something that Vestal could be proud of.

Why do you think it has kept going this long?

I think Vestival just has a really comfortable, small feel. It is a small space—I mean, it's not spread out over a large space, so everybody's right there together. I think it has a community feel to it.

Is Vestival about South Knoxville pride?

Yeah, it's kind of about being proud about being from Vestal and South Knoxville in general, and basically trying to celebrate the arts and heritage of that part of the city.

Who's playing this year?

Headlining is R.B. Morris, then we've got some acoustic acts like the Naughty Knots, and got some rock with the Kevin Abernathy Band, so just a wide variety of different types of music... We have 11 bands, and then we have a couple of dance groups, too. We have some belly dancers and Circle Modern Dance as well.

Is there a reason why Vestival is always held the day before Mother's Day?

I think the first year we decided to make that part of the theme, because we always have a Mother's Day brunch that's free to mothers, and we did that the first year and it just remained a theme of the festival.

Is there anything else we should know about Vestival?

I should have thought of this ahead of time because I know you all ask that question. If you haven't come before, it is definitely one of Knoxville's gems.

Vestival begins at 11 a.m. Saturday at Candoro Marble Company Building, 681 Maryville Pike.