Sarah Shebaro: Featured artist, Metro Pulse

Shebaro's work will appear for six consecutive weeks starting with this issue in the Knox Triage section

Your work is mixed media, what's in the mix?

Collage, paint, pencil, ink—really anything I can get my hands on to get on the paper to get the desired look.

What's your favorite subject to portray?

The content I'm really interested in is the language of nostalgia, sentimentality. A lot of my artwork focuses on music. It's not the literal meaning, but those are the major themes that keep arising in my work.

Do you ever just sit down and say, "This work is going to convey this idea"?

It's more intuitive than that. I can't infuse my work with literal meaning, or it kind of loses its—the viewer isn't meant to say, "Obviously she's thinking about Picasso and some horses." I like people to take my art as, "I had an experience, this reminds me," or "This is kind of like being in this place I remember." People can run with it. This is just how I feel about it right now. That could change completely.

And you're also DJ Mini-Tiger?

Yes, I play a lot around town, mostly at the Pilot Light. That also propels my work—cooperation between underground music and art is essential.

Is the DJ persona different than the you who creates art?

It's funny—a lot of people like to think of Mini-Tiger as a different persona, but it's the same person, just a different spectrum. Sometimes there are performance elements—it's just how I feel at the time.

How long have you worked in mixed media?

For several years I've been on that kick, working on several projects at a time. I'm doing three or four right now. I draw every day—it's essential to my thought process, how I get ideas out of my head.

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