Sarah Schow

Vice president of the Knoxville Multiples Club

Street Talk

Who can join the Knox Multiples Club?

Most of our members are parents of twins or triplets. We just had a quad family come to our last meeting. I've been a member for three and a half years, and the most any member has had in that time was five.

What is the main mission of the club? What's a typical meeting like?

We are primarily a support group for parents with twins, triplets, or higher order multiples ( ). Our members tend to be mothers, but fathers do come. We also have two lesbian couples, which is a first for the club. We just have a very diverse mix. People don't even have to come to meetings to be members. Some just participate in our consignment sales. As for meetings, we usually have speakers that talk about different issues. One speaker talked about birth order, how the twin that's born first will behave older than the one who comes out second.

How many children do you have? Do you get more than one Mother's Day gift?

I have three children: 3-year-old twin girls and a 5-year-old boy. My husband and I are the kind of people who say you don't get a gift unless you ask for it, so I'm lucky to get a card. My girls have their birthday on the 11 th and my mom's is on the 9 th , so we'll have something, just not strictly Mother's Day.

What's the most difficult every-day challenge with multiples? Have you heard horror stories about the grocery bill for four boys?

The sleep thing is the hardest at first. Getting one child to sleep was a nightmare, but with three they'll tag team you. One goes to sleep and the other wakes up. Fortunately, that doesn't last long. Now, I have two wonderful little girls and it's a constant play date. My son gets a little jealous I think.

You'd have to ask someone who had more kids to get those outrageous grocery bills. We did have to buy about eight million diapers, though. That's why a Sam's membership does come in handy.

Parents often say that twins have a unique bond. Do yours?

Mine are fraternal, so it's not that same bond like identicals. They are a lot alike, but they're also very different. They tend to get sick at the same time, though. I breast fed, so luckily we were on the same eating and pooping schedule.



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