Sandy Goddard, Wild Card contestant, Side Splitters' Knox Vegas to Las Vegas Comedy Contest

Are you already a pro comedian?

Yes, I was for a while, traveling doing a lot on the road. Then about one and half years ago there was a change in the Knoxville comedy scene, where Side Splitters came in and Comedy Zone fell to the side. I more or less called it quits for about eight months, and wrote a whole new act; my other material was too blue.

Blue? Racy?


You sell gutters for a day job, do you get a lot of material from that?

I'm working on some material that has to do with dealing with customers in home improvement, but it's not polished yet.

Is there anything you're not allowed to joke about?

No, not necessarily. A while back I redevoted my life to Jesus Christ, and that has a lot to do with wanting to rewrite the cleaner material. My wife tells me there's nothing off limits. The material I did before I changed to all clean—that's club clean, not church clean—if she didn't get offended with that she'll never be.

Does your wife think you're funny?

In general, no. I'll be at the house going over material with her, "What about this?" and she'll just look at me like I'm from a different planet.

There are 11 others competing in Knox Vegas to Las Vegas. What's your strategy for winning?

The main thing I'm concentrating on is having a smooth, no seams set—to get through the whole set, A-Z. You've got to be confident in your material, but outside of that you've just gotta let the cards fall where they may. Anything I can't control, I don't worry about.

The winner of the finals, held June 30 at Side Splitters Comedy Club, will go on to compete in the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas.

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