Russ Townsend, Organizer, Vintage Motorcycle Show Oct. 2 at Happy Hollerpalooza

What do you ride?

My street bike is a Ducati.

What was your first recreational vehicle, and how'd you get it?

A Suzuki GS 450L street bike. Bought it with money I made working construction when I was 18.

How did you first get interested in motorcycles?

It started when I was about 4. A guy who lived in the trailer park behind us rode a Honda and he had to start it early every morning. My dad used to complain about the noise, but I liked it. I woke up every morning hearing that, and it made me love motorcycles.

How long ago?

I don't know, '68? The trailer park was behind the Copper Cellar on Kingston Pike.

Does your day job involve motorcycles?

You'll love this. I'm the safety manager for Shafer Insurance Agency. My boss is always saying, "Yeah, he's our safety guy, and his hobbies are shooting and motorcycles."

What's your involvement with the show?

I'm just organizing what has been more of an informal gathering in the past. The hope is to make it into a major annual event.

How many entries do you expect for the show?

Fifty or 60, we hope. It's free to enter!

Does the motorcycle have to work, or just look good?

It has to at least start, and be at least 25 years old. We aren't concerned about clean as much as cool.

One of the categories is Best Old Dirt-Rat Bike. What do you mean?

Rat bikes are unpainted bikes that are assembled from a collection of parts. They show lots of ingenuity, and maybe some engineering.

Any predictions who will win?

I have no idea whatsoever.

For more information about the show, held at the Time Warp Tea Room at 1209 N. Central starting at 12 noon (judging at 4:30 p.m.), go to or call 310-2695.