Randy MacDonald and Ann Thatcher, authors of Life After Ramen

Whose idea was this?

R: We both wanted to write a cookbook for our kids.

Did your kids really cook a lot of ramen?

R: It's funny to me that some people ask who "Ramen" is. Maybe their children's food budgets were higher than mine.

A: Yes, they ate it in college and realized they wanted something better and healthier. Our oldest kids are now 28, and yes, there is a Life After Ramen.

Any idea how many you've sold?

R: Close to 800 copies—not bad considering the book arrived on Sept. 14!

What's been the hardest part of completing the book?

R: We're food lovers and cooks. Learning about the business aspects of publishing required a lot of hard work.

A: Editing.

What's the funniest thing that's happened at one of your book signings?

R: A little guy bit into our fabulous pumpkin bread and promptly spit it back into the basket. His mom nonchalantly stated that he hated raisins!

What sales figure would make you feel like the book's a success?

R: Just holding the published copy was the greatest success. Recouping our investment would be pretty nice, though!

A: A million would be great!

Who's the better cook?

R: We're both good at different things. Ann is a healthier cook and more adventurous. For better or worse, I've taught her to enjoy desserts.

What's your favorite part of the book?

R: Menus for a Month. My hope is that it demonstrates that taking a little time to plan for the week is cheaper and more satisfying than eating out.

A: The "encore" suggestions and recipes. Hopefully, it will encourage our kids to look at leftovers differently.

For more information: lifeafterramencookbook.com