Raising Awareness and Money for Lisa Ross center

Helen Wilkins, publicist for the Lisa Ross Birth and Women's Center fund-raiser, discusses the event.

Why is this concert and fund-raiser so important?

The Knox County health department no longer does prenatal care, and that's really impacted women who are low income, many of them Hispanic. They may have no recourse other than the Lisa Ross. We also want to call attention to the work of the Lisa Ross (center) with this event—a reminder that they're still in existence after 18 years and are a non-profit with four certified nurse-midwives. And we want to make sure people know we are not an abortion clinic.

Does Lisa Ross serve anyone who's not low income?

Absolutely. We serve all women, we take most insurance and it's not only pre-natal but well-woman care, ages 13 to post-menopausal. We've got an all-female staff. If you're pregnant, you can choose to have a baby in a homey setting at the center, assisted by a midwife, and water births are also an option.

The World Grotto is hip; why'd you choose it for the venue?

We're trying to maybe to draw in the 20somethings who are thinking about their future options on where to have a child, and letting all women know the options that are out there.

Will pregnant women attend the event?

I don't know—is it a smoking venue?

The World Grotto? No.

Well then, yeah, certainly.

How are you involved with the Lisa Ross?

I'm a graduate student, a 52-year old woman going back for my masters in social work, interning at Lisa Ross and just trying to help get the word out.

Fund-raiser for the Lisa Ross Birth and Women's Center, World Grotto, Thurs. March 19. Doors open at 6:30; event 7-11, Kevin Hyfantis and the Bishop Band, Dark Hollow performing, $10.