Q&A: Mary Whiteflower, teacher, How to Read Tarot class

How long have you been reading tarot cards?

I've been a professional for 36 years, studying about 42. I started in an Edgar Cayce roundtable group in California in 1971. I read everything I could and then meditated on each of the cards individually.

Do you have to be particularly psychic to read tarot cards?

Actually, no. Anybody can do it. It just takes practice. And my belief is that everyone on the planet is somewhat psychic. It's like muscles; we all have them, and whether you use them or let them atrophy influences how strong they are. Tarot cards help you enhance your innate psychic abilities by allowing you to become sensitive to the vibration flow between your client and the cards. The images create a kind of psychic awareness.

Has all that tarot reading given you strong psychic tendencies?

Yes, but I don't claim to be psychic—if you do, people want you to tell their future. I don't do that. I think our future is created by what we do today. I don't believe anything is carved in stone or that it's definite something is going to happen. I think if we change our minds, we change our lives.

Have any of your students really excelled quickly?

I've had a few students become professional readers, but I haven't taught a lot—two or three classes in California, the same in Colorado, one here.

How's enrollment working in East Tennessee?

It seems to be flowing quite nicely. Unlike California, there seems to be a lot of people here who haven't learned yet. There are a lot of new metaphysical students here, it's like the South is just opening up.

Can you really teach much in just three classes?

My particular technique is to teach people an easy way to recognize the symbols within the images; they always sort of represent the same thing.

Does it take a lifetime to recognize the symbols?

No, the memorization is simple. The lifetime work comes in recognizing what that image would mean in the total layout.

Can you read someone's cards over the phone?

You can do that, but it takes a little more time.

Can you do tarot just for fun?

It can start out for fun, but there are certain ethics that are used, otherwise the bad luck comes back on you.

Does your class draw a particular kind of person?

There is no type. I am always amazed at how varied it is. I taught a lady in her 80s in my last class and a young man going to college, and a 14-year-old is taking my next class.

The three-session tarot class begins Thursday, June 24 at at Green Earth Emporium. For more information: wisdomwagon.com