Q&A: Jesse Fox Mayshark, bachelor for "Guys That Give" auction to benefit Friends of Literacy

How much is a date with you worth?

Well, you know I've always been a big believer in the power of the free marketplace, so I think we're going to find out.

Can you give just a hint of a dollar amount?

I've always thought of myself as sort of a cheap date, but for the purposes of this auction, I would say my time is worth a lot of money, because of course everything goes to a good cause here—supporting programs and services of the Friends of Literacy, including GED classes.

And how is pottery involved?

Each bachelor comes with a date package, assigned to us from things that were donated by various local companies. Mine will involve a trip to a local store where you can make and decorate pots.

Are your kids invited on the date?

I have two sons who are available to come if anybody wants them to, but it is certainly not a requirement.

Who do you consider your top competition in the online voting for Most Eligible Bachelor?

Well, it's a pretty impressive field, I'd be hard pressed to pick one.

How about you just name some other pretty okay bachelor?

If I have to, I'll choose the person who is responsible for my participation, Zak Weisfeld, who I have to say is quite the catch.

Your age was originally listed as 21, very close to the age of Metro Pulse. Have you two become synonymous?

They did initially have my age as 21, while MP is turning 20. The major difference there is I'm legal to drink, MP is not. My profile online now has my correct age, 41.

Anyone you'd prefer not bid on you?

For the good of the cause, I'm happy to attract the attention of anybody. For that matter, I'll be happy to attract the attention of anybody, period.

Might you meet the love of your life that night?

Never say never.

"Meet" the bachelors, learn more about the Feb. 3 event, and vote for the most eligible bachelor at friendsofliteracy.org