Q&A: James Trimble, co-owner of Raise the Tree live Christmas Tree delivery service

Fill in this blank: People know me much better as _____

The Dirty Guv'nah.

Is this related to the band?

Not at all.

How does Raise the Tree work?

A person visits raisethetree.com and chooses one of 10 local non-profits to receive 25 percent of the profit generated by their purchase. Then you choose a size—a 6 ft.-10 ft. tree. They're real Frasier firs grown in Mountain City, N.C. You pay, choose what day you want it delivered and my partner, Paul Dickenson, and I show up with the tree.

Do you have sap all over your hands?

I do, I'm covered. All my clothes are just covered.

Even your stage clothes?

At this point, all my clothes are running together.

How did you two choose the non-profits for the donations?

We started with the non-profits we'd worked with before ourselves—that included about the first five, then word started getting out. We let anyone who approached us participate for the first year. We've already raised $1,000 in donations and it should be more significant next year—we only came up with the idea three and a half weeks ago.

The trees don't have roots?

They're live cut, and we do a fresh cut when we show up at people's homes. We travel around with a chain saw and fire it up no matter the hour or social strata of your neighborhood. We have done it in very nice neighborhoods and people are like, "What is going on?"

Any good stories about delivering?

The funniest thing that happened was the first day of delivery it was pouring down rain, seven hours straight. We delivered about 17 trees, and about three deliveries in I broke the chainsaw and we had to handsaw in the pouring rain.

Anyone expect you to hang ornaments?

We had one lady say, "I'll pay you $50 if you put lights on this tree!" but we had 12 hours of deliveries ahead of us. Maybe we'll offer that next year.

For more information visit raisethetree.com