Q&A: Cindy Latham, Metro Pulse triage artist

To have done these in acrylic, they're oddly reminiscent of early computer art. Is this because you work on computers all day?

Although I do sit at a computer all day, my drawings are influenced more by my background in computer animation and video art. I still create video art, and I have the same aesthetics for each medium.

What do you do for a living?

I'm a Web designer

What's going through your mind when you're making these pieces?

Since I plan the drawings out in advance (on the computer), I'm usually thinking about how I hope I don't mess something up and have to start over.

I get a decidedly science fiction vibe from your work, like landscapes of some robotic world. What do you see?

The main idea behind my drawings is manipulated landscapes. My earlier drawings would involve symbols of industry or commerce placed in some sort of natural landscape. In my current work, I try to portray these ideas through the use of unnatural landscapes. This is at least what I see in my drawings. This would account for the science fictional vibe.

Would you call your work minimal, maximal, or garanimal?

I'll go with garanimal. Yeah...that.

Don't you hate framing things?

There are only a few things I hate more.

Which artists are you most inspired by?

I can't really say I'm inspired the most by one artist. Back when I was in grad school I could keep up with current artists more. I remember really being drawn to the work of Janet Cardiff, Paper Rad, and other video artists. I was most inspired during my time in school.

Do they influence your work?

Some artists I like, influence my work. It's impossible not to be influenced, at least a little bit.