Q&A: Bridgette O'Dell, creator of adults-only PROMedy

Did you have a bad prom experience that you're trying to make up for?

This idea was actually brought to me by a comic out of Chattanooga, Kristine Kinsey. She never went to her prom. When I think about it now, I didn't really enjoy my prom—it wasn't as magical and awesome as all those movies make it out to be. It was just expensive and disappointing, much like most of my senior year.

How long ago was this?

Ten years, which seems like forever! I still have my prom dress—my mom made it for me and there is no way I could squeeze into it now. It's so much better doing a prom now because I have more expendable income for extras and I don't have to worry about holding a quarter between my legs like my dad asked me to.

How will the PROMedy work?

We have a comedy show featuring Dale Jones from Last Comic Standing, then a live band and dancing. A professional photographer is coming out to take pictures at a cheesy balloon arch. The best part is we have nominated some of our frequent patrons for PROMedy King and Queen and we will be taking votes and announcing the winners after the show.

Are you going?

Yes! Some of us are getting together in a limo to go out to dinner and then we will drive around town and get dropped off at the club. After the whole event, we will most likely end up at Waffle House to confuse the staff over there. It's really going to be quite a spectacle.

Is this the one prom where no one has to sneak in liquor?

Absolutely! As comic Kristine Kinsey put it, you won't have to pay a dirty homeless man to buy beer for you. We are spiking the punch on our own.

What era of prom music will play?

Anywhere from late 70s to early—how do you say early 2000? I say the early Os. We didn't want to have any one decade represent the entire night.

Anyone in particular vying to become prom king/queen?

One of our amateur comics was nominated for queen, his name is Alex Stokes. I don't think I have ever seen a man so excited about getting into a dress.

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